Friday, May 7, 2010

Buzz up! Everybody Wants Justin Bieber's Hair

justin bieber copycats are popping up everywhere. A new hairstyle known simply as "The Bieber" is side-sweeping the nation, swiftly becoming the look du jour of teenage boys. The New York Times reported on the phenomenon, describing salons that charge up to $150 for the helmet-like cut that includes long, side-brushed bangs.

Cozy Friedman, owner of a Manhattan salon that specializes in the Bieber bob, says 60 percent of her young male customers ask for the cut. And nearly all of the boys in her son's sixth-grade class have gone in for the look. "You can't see any eyes," she told The Times. "There are no eyes and there's a lot of flipping."

Some of the boys are too embarrassed to ask for the shag by name, so instead they describe the combed-over 'do with no mention of Justin. But the look is popular with girls, so they all want to sport it. A Vancouver teen named Tommy Ledger claims the female attention his Bieber-cut gets him is almost too much. "Girls always play with it in class," he explained. "It's kind of frustrating sometimes. I'm trying to skateboard and they want to touch my hair."

The secrets of Justin's trademarked 'do were revealed in a promo video for MTV's "The Diary of Justin Bieber." In the clip, the "Baby" singer styles his hair using a combination of towel-drying, blow-drying, and mussing. He does it quickly and expertly, without the aid of a stylist.

Justin's look is popping up on TV as well.

"American Idol" contestant Tim Urban sported his own messily tousled version of the cut.The 21-year-old singer was a hit with the nation's girls for weeks before getting kicked off the show in late April.

And 15-year-old Miles Heizer wears his blond hair in the 'do for his role on family drama "The Parenthood."

Junior stars Cole and Dylan Sprouse ("The Suite Life of Zack and Cody") both traded in their shaggy style for "The Bieber," as well.

Kutcher tests the hairstyle.
Courtesy Twitter Even Ashton Kutcher rocked the shag for a while, though not intentionally. Last March, along with an iPhone photo of his new forehead-hiding look, he tweeted: "Time for a hair cut. I'm starting to look like Justin Bieber."

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